how do i use curve without linearity cloud

how do i use curve without linearity cloud?

Hi @yarns , thank you for reaching out! From version 5.2 onwards, an active account is needed to continue using Linearity Curve. We’ve moved to Linearity Cloud as our storage solution, designed specifically for Linearity users. It lets you store, access, and sync your design files across all compatible devices for a seamless experience.

You can still export and store files locally, but any edits you make will sync with Linearity Cloud the next time you’re online. To sync your files, you’ll need an internet connection. However, once synced, you can work on them offline and any changes will update when you’re back online.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

This is every reply i read on the forum:

How dare you dream of escaping the mighty walls of Linearity Cloud Prison?

Local files? Your files are ‘secure’ with us in the cloud - *but we do have full access and will be training our AI with them. Hope you’re not mad.


yeah, where are they stored locally? so i can back them up…

I cant find ‘open’ in the menu… as in I would like curve to OPEN A FILE

@yarns For storing Linearity Curve files locally, you can export your files in multiple formats, including .curve, which allows you to save the file locally in your preferred location. You can find more details on how to do this in our user guide here: Link to User Guide.

Regarding opening files, in Linearity Curve, you typically import files rather than using an “open” option. You can follow this guide for instructions on how to import images: Import Images Guide. You can also open .curve files in Linearity Curve directly from local storage.

I’m a very long-time user of Vectornator, which was good software. It was a tool for professionals and it got most things right.

I’m very sad to see Linearity has acquired this software to strip-mine it, enshittify it and reduce it to just another piece of useless garbage.

On top of that, it’s incredibly insulting to talk to your users here the way that you do. Adding cloud features is not for our benefit. The method in which you’re forcing it makes your motivation clear. You see your end users as a resource to monetize by collecting our private information.

I can’t in good conscience recommend Linearity Curve to any professional artist or software engineer. Mandating cloud storage is incompatible with professional work.

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