"Most secure and convenient for OUR future plans" but not the customers'.

Continuing the discussion from Can't access any of my data from PAID app because it was replaced with THIS CLOUD nonsense!:

YOUR future plans. I have a master’s degree in computer security and information assurance and have spent 20 years in the industry and I’m telling you this is neither secure, nor convenient for the USERS and as one person stated, it is ILLEGAL for some of us to use this software because it violates confidentiality clauses.

This is utterly false advertising. Users are required to have an online account and be logged in online, and upload your files to YOUR cloud before we have access to them—how is any of this “without needing an internet connection?”. Here we are, more than a month after our first complaints, and nothing has been done to address this.

What burns me most is that I have invested years of my time and effort into learning your software, beta-testing and debugging for you, and now you hold my intellectual property captive with your proprietary formats. At least make the last version available to those of us who agreed/paid for something else and want to roll back.


Hi @janis thank you for your feedback. We understand your concerns, and we appreciate your loyalty and contributions over the years.

Unfortunately, the current App Store version of Linearity Curve is the only available version and it is not possible to install previous iterations of the app.

I want to clarify that once an account is created, Linearity Curve doesn’t automatically log users out, and you can use Linearity Curve while offline. Any changes made while offline will be synchronized with Linearity Cloud the next time you connect to the internet. Without an internet connection, you can still create, edit, and save designs locally on your device.

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