How do I create sharp points with the pencil tool?

Hi all. I’ve been trying to draw a very sharp point on Vectornator with the pencil tool and it keeps coming out with a rounded tip. How do I get the pencil settings right to do this? I’ve tried maximising the smoothness and making the pt size tiny. I’ve also tried different end settings including the square end and still it comes out not sharp to a point. On Adobe illustrator I can do it perfectly. See photos for comparison. I much prefer Vectornator but I need to do free hand sharp points (not using the pen tool) using the pencil. Hope spneone can help. Thanks.

Hello Vixmag, have you tried Brush tool? It actually can do what you need. The difference between Pencil and Brush is simple: with Pencil strokes always have regular profile, but with Brush tool you can tweak the profile or choose from pre-defined. Please have a try :slight_smile: