0% smoothing for pencil tool still smoothes!

In the tutorials, the claim is that if you set the pencil tool to 0%, it will reproduce what you draw absolutely precisely, without any smoothing. This is not the case! There is still noticeable smoothing. Is this a bug? Is there any way around it? It’s not that it’s impossible to render the drawing using vectors - drawn corners in particular become weirdly rounded and can be readjusted using the nodes tool, but why has the program changed them in the first place? For me this makes the pencil tool pretty much impossible to use.

Hey there @Asrial,

Thank you for sharing this!

Would you mind confirming your device OS and Vectornator version so that we can look into the matter? It would also be extremely helpful if you could capture this issue in a screen recording as I have been unable to reproduce it from my side.

Looking forward to hearing from you,