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I’ve been using the pen tool for just about everything in Vectornator, with great results. But now it is time to play with the brush tool as it seems to work so much better now in 4.4

Thank you to the entire Vectornator team for producing such a great program.

A few questions I have:

  1. When using the pen tool to make small separate lines, Is there a better way or gesture to break the line and start another one. I’ve been having to select the arrow tool, click away, click back on the pen tool and resume the next line. However thinking about it now perhaps the pencil tool would have been the appropriate tool for that job.

  2. Sometimes when I cut and try to paste into another layer, the paste button is greyed out unless I select an object on that layer, then all of a sudden the paste button lights up and I can add my cut item.

  3. New toggle option - it would be nice to be able to toggle your selected fill and stroke colors from automatically changing to replicate the item selected. Sometimes I select my color that I’m about to use then forget to change away from the arrow tool, so then my chosen colors revert back to the colors of the object I just unintentionally clicked on and not what I manually set them to prior.

  4. With the new brush update can we create custom brushes that could simulate something like a paint spray can? With multiple disconnected “dots” following the brush? Or must it be 1 solid connected line.

You all rock and I appreciate what you provide to the world.

Thank you

This will be a comment and a question.
Firstly, I love the new update! The brush tool is so much more useful now that we can edit and create something that actually closely resembles a brush tip for drawing and calligraphy. Secondly, cloud sharing has really upped the process and helped with working from pretty much anywhere. I can make layouts on my phone and start banging out the details on my iPad when I get home.
Now for the questions, will there be a future demo/tutorial to help with the brush editor so that we can replicate some of the more common brushes most people use? Also to make the brush more custom to a users own style? And was there anything else planned for this update that didn’t make the cut???
Thanks again for all the work and things you do, stay healthy and keep up the great work!
Hooray for Vectornator!!!

The pen tool turning into nodes helps me heaps, it allows me to fix my pen if I do it wrong the first time!

I’ve had great results on all of my art! Thank you!

I am basically on Vectornator 24/7 :slight_smile: Great tool

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I love how in the new update we have folders, which makes or possible to keep your different project neatly organized, but haven’t yet found out how to sort (move) our current projects into folders?

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I am so glad about the new update. I hope Vectornator Team reserves many more big features for the future. On the brush I’d like to save the personal custom brush so as share with the others fellow it.

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Very simple comment:

I LOVE the updates to the brush tool, it’s so much easier having the ability to create custom styles!


Great app! Thank you for the amazing update!
One question. When is ai file export supported

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Hey @Ellkay,
you just have to drag and drop a document of top of another and the folder will be automatically created :slight_smile:
Check out more on our Learning Hub →


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Hey @Bsciacc1 ,

that’s such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing it…
We have more videos planned but will do our best to include this idea as well :slight_smile:


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Hello everyone,

I’m new to the forum and have not found where to post a question in a specific topic, therefore I’m just randomly trying to reply here. Sorry for that… :pray:t4:

So, Vectornator has been changing my pandemic life to a newbie illustrator, and it’s starting to help me to be an online freelancer. I previously works as an “offline freelancer” in tourism.

Currently I’m on a project to draw patterns of a bag product for my client, and used Vectornator’s grids in millimeter to measure the dimensions. The problem is, when I exported the final drawing to .ai, and open the file in Adobe Illustrator, the dimensions of the objects change significantly (ie from 190mm to only 135mm).

Hope someone will be able to help me to solve this, since this is my first chances to finally earn some income in the pandemic situation.

Once again I apologize if this is not a right place to ask for help, and thanks in advance.

Candra :black_heart:

Hi @jonigepp,

welcome to the Vectornator Community. It’s beautiful to read how Vectornator entered your life and it’s great to hear you enjoy working with it!
The #announcements category is especially for the Vectornator Team to keep you in the loop about what’s going on internally. In your case, please use the #support category to ask the community and us about any product-related questions.
You find all categories on the main page of the Forum. Additionally, every category has a short instruction text pinned to its top.

I hope this helps.
All the best,


Hi @Vivien

I have just lost the client because of the issue. But no problem because we learn a lot of lesson from real life experiences, right…

Thanks to all and I will learn more and move to #support category, soon…

Much love,

Are you ever thinking of including the EPS format for exporting and importing? Or is it not even in your plans?

Greetings :vulcan_salute:t4: :heart:

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Hey @Karlialae,

welcome to the Vectornator Community and thanks for dropping your question! We have noted our users’ feedback regarding EPS file format import and export but we can’t give any information regarding implementation or timing of it. As soon as plans become more concrete, we will inform you immediately!
Have a lovely day!
Your Vectornator Team.