how can I scale line widths too when scaling a group

I need to reduce the size of a line drawing and also have the line widths scale proportionately. Currently, they are staying the same line width and so they look too chubby.

I remember this being an option in Illustrator, but can’t seem to find a corresponding option?

I’m on a mac, btw.


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Hi there @stephaniecrocker,

If you convert all impacted lines to outlines (via the Path tab) then this should work! And don’t forget, if you hold down the Shift key while resizing then you’ll be able to maintain the original proportions overall.


Is there any other option besides converting to outlines? Editing nodes/anchor points is way more of a pain as outlines because they you have to edit the inner and outer stroke lines (editing the nodes as just a fill layer isn’t possible). I don’t suppose there is a way to convert back after we are done scaling, is there? There really should be a toggle to keep the stroke width the same proportion while scaling. That’s kind of one of the main points to designing with vectors (designing at whatever size and increasing size without altering the appearance.)


agreed. Vectornator is a much more affordable software compared to Illustrator, way more! but Illustrator did have that toggle as a preference. feature request for sure.