New to vector art, few questions if possible

Is it possible to stroke only between select vertices, and not the whole shape?

Is it also possible to change the start, end vertices?

Hi @YulRun I’am sorry but it is not possible. Maybe you could use the line shape but I don’t what is your issue. If you want you can attach a screenshot with your problem.

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Not at home at the moment, but basically I was trying to make a character to rig in Spine2D. I wanted an outline on each body part except where they would overlap, so around the shoulder, etc. so was thinking of I could outline all except that section would be good, now in thinking maybe duplicate the shape, make one outline only and one fill only and manually erase the outline where I don’t need it may be the only way to achieve that.

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Hi @YulRun!
If your outline is closed, using the Scissors tool on an outline node makes that node the start and ending point, and opens the outline at that point.

If you’re using Spine in Unity game development, there’s a shader to help with that: Blog: Outline shaders for spine-unity

Otherwise, yes, something like manual erase or using the Scissors tool (to cut the separate limb outline at the points desired, then delete the unwanted part of the outline) are probably good approaches at the moment to “bake” the outlines into the body parts, although you’ll probably get a very “cut-out” look to the result.

Another way I’ve seen is to duplicate the limb, upsize it slightly, fill it with black, and put that behind the colours limb, but that’s probably easier with a raster/pixel-based editor, although you could use Boolean shapes to trim off the non-outlined area in Vectornator.