Is there a way to independently resize the triangle part of an arrow line?

I draw an arrow line with the shape tool. However, the size of the triangle part was increased when I modified the line width.
I couldn’t find any information about independently changing the triangle part of an arrow line.
Is it possible? Or do you have any suggested alternative way?
Thank you.

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Hi there @THLin,

It sounds like your problem could be solved by Outlining the triangular shape. Doing so means that the stroke will remain intact while scaling the shape. Here’s a demonstration of building an arrow using the Shape tool, Outlining the triangle, grouping the shapes and scaling them. I have also included a clip showing how it is possible to create arrows using the Pen or Pencil tools.

Hope this helps!


Hello Helen:
Thanks for your reply. It solved my problem!
But I still hope we can directly resize the triangle part of the arrow line when we use the line tool to draw an arrow line. Probably, I will submit the feature request in the idea & feedback.
Thank you very much!


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