Having a normal pen

I always can’t draw because of that you can’t use pens normally.
I really want to have a normal pen to draw properly. It would be very helpful.

Hi @Cottcat ,

If I understand you correctly, you can try the “Pencil” tool.
you can check the learning hub

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Thanks! I didint see it! I’m sometimes on iPad sometimes on Mac I checked on my iPad I saw it. First I didn’t see anything. The Mac is normal but I took time to find it on iPad.

But how do I delete a post?

Hi @Cottcat,
you can click on the three dots and then on the bin icon.

I mean by the conversation. How do I delete the topic itself?

Oh wait I found how to delete the topic itself

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But it’s not letting me

I’m sorry,
I suggest you to ask to @Vivien.
I wish you a nice weekend.


Thanks. You too

Hey @Cottcat,

If you don’t mind, I would suggest your post not be deleted. Your question may be useful to other Vectornator users.
But if you insist, I can remove it for you :wink: