Grid settings ignores manual input

Good morning

When I select a new document and want to set the grid size to 5mm in the grid settings dialog the manual value is ignored…

When I open the dialog again, it is reverted to 7.05mm, and I can only change the grid with the up/down icons which changes the grid in 1mm steps → 7.05mm, 6.05mm and so on.

Hey @davorin thank you for flagging the issue. We have tried to reproduce it on our end but as you can see in the video below, we couldn’t notice any problems.

Would you be able to send us a sample file, screenshots or further diagnostic information so we can investigate further?

Thank you!

From the inspector works…but not from the menu when a new empty document is open:

When you look at the video frame by frame from position 01:00:13:10 on you see that the entered value of 20 mm is changed at 01:00:13:11 back to 7.05 mm.

Could you reproduce the error?

It still exists in version 5.1.1.