Glitchy Artboard after Curve Update

I’ve been having the same issues before the Curve update and still having it after the update.
iPadOS 16.6 and 17.0 Public Beta
Curve 5.0.3


Hi @XenArtist thank you for flagging the issue. In order for us to try and reproduce, as well as look into it deeply, are you able to share the connected file with us?

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I can but I don’t think it’s a file issue. No matter how many new files I make, it’s always the same issue in each one.

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Hello, I have the same issue and I can confirm that it is not a file issue. I encounter this issue every day and on most (if not all) of my files. Do you intend to look into it?

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Hi both! Thank you for the update and I’m sorry it’s still happening.

We are looking into it indeed but we were unable to isolate nor reproduce the issue. Any help on this regard would be very helpful.

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It has to be an iPadOS issue and not any other OS issue(Mac, iOS). I’m not sure how y’all trying to replicate it but it happens at random on iPad Pro 11 3rd Gen. if y’all have that device or similar, replicate on that.

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Hello, thanks for the answer. I agree with XenArtist, I think it’s related to the Ipad. I’m working on an Ipad Pro 4th gen v16.6.1. It’s possible that the error is linked to the file’s size. I’ve noticed that the greater the file size, the more the error recurs.

Hey @Pokitos and @XenArtist thank you for the updated info. This is now with the team and I’ll come back to you soon as I more details.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!