Curve is extremely slow on iPad

Am I the only one experiencing that Curve has become so extremely lagging and slow? It reacts extremely slow on taps and actions that I can’t work on it. To pick a color takes way too long and everything is moving very very slow and like when you’re on a computer from 1990 with close to no ram.

I’m working on an iPad Pro 4th gen with the newest pen and the newest iOS version. My hardware should not be an issue.

The problem should be easy to reproduce on an iPad with the pencil.

I’ve experienced it almost a year now and was hoping that the next update would be better but no luck so far :disappointed::frowning::cry:

I’ve used vectonator/curve for many years and really enjoyed working on it. Since a while now more and more bugs have appeared like you can’t tap on a node to make it round or even if I’ve set up my settings to only paint with the pencil pinching destroys my paintings as my fingers make objects move. All those things I have patiently hoped to will go away in some update soon, but the lagging is really not acceptable. It makes the app impossible to work on.

Initially vectonator/curve was perfect in any way. Im a software developer my self and I know the struggle with bugs. To the developer team - can you reproduce this? Is it a bug known to you? What is the timeline for solving it? Please take a look at it - I can’t use the app like this and will have to change to using sone other app if this will mit be solved :frowning:

Thanks in advance for any help


Hi @Eva thank you for the thorough feedback, I really appreciate the effort you put into it.

While we are not aware of any specific problems, I’m happy to take a deeper look with the team and see if we can find the root issue.

To that end, would you be able to share diagnostic logs with us so the team can investigate further?

Totally posted on this. The app becomes gradually more sluggish over about 15 minutes until I have to close it out and start over. I have an M1 iPad Pro. It’s not hardware. They asked me to make a video of the performance issues…really?

I feel the same way. i hope it improves