File access after monthly subscription ends?

Hi, if I opt for a monthly subscription and end the subscription after 1 or 2 months, will the files created during that period remain accessible and editable without a subscription?

Good question but i’m pretty sure that you won’t !

They said that we are going to have access to our past files but all my past files (stored on my ipad, not on their silly cloud) are not accessible/editable anymore !

Give our files back !

Hey @sketch , thanks for your question. Here’s what happens if you cancel subscription:

  • any files you created during your subscription period (after our pricing plans were introduced on February 22) will become locked.
  • any files you made before that date will still be fully accessible and editable, even without a subscription. You can delete, move, rename, and export these files.

@Yrostudio , we’ve rolled out new pricing plans based on number of files. Here’s how it works:

  • Grandfathering your existing Files: You can continue to edit any files you have right now without any restrictions. However, it’s key to remember that only files synced to Linearity before our pricing update (February 22nd) are considered “existing.” You can find these in the “My Files” section of any Linearity application.

  • Files After Pricing Plans: Any new files created or migrated from local storage after February 22nd will be subject to the new subscription model. On the free Starter plan, these files may become locked due to file limits, but you’ll still have the flexibility to delete, move, rename, and export them.

  • Locally Stored Files: With the latest version, moving files from your device’s local storage to the application counts as creating new files. This means they could be locked if you hit your file limit under the free Starter plan.

I hope this clears things up!

So all the files i had “On my Ipad” are lost if i’m not paying ?

You should have been more clearer before february 22nd ! WARNING WARNING The files “On your Ipad” won’t be accessible and editable anymore !!!

And it’s easy for you to know that they have been created before february 22nd !

Please find a solution !