seeking what "3 files" really means

I am seeking clarification of meaning of 3 files. I do not plan to use Move, so I’ll stay with using the term 3 files.

Does that mean once I create a 3 file, I have to move to a paid plan in order to continue using creating files with Curve? Would I be able to continue editing my exist files?

Does it mean I can only work on three files concurrently?

The answer is definitely not clear and needs further clarification.

Hey @vectormector , thank you for your question.

To give you the full picture on the 3 files limit: this is all about creating new files. You can create up to 3 new files with Linearity Curve for free. Under this 3-file limit, you can delete old files and make new ones, allowing you to keep using the Linearity Starter plan. Want to work on more? Upgrading to our Pro plan would be needed.

Existing files can be edited without restriction. For example, if you have 10 files now, you’ll still be able to access and edit them after the new subscription model starts.

Please let me know if this clarifies your questions.

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I thought I saw a post dated awhile back that Linearity Curve would remain free when it changed from Vectornator to Linearity. So now it’s only free for three files? Am I reading this right?