Eraser not working

The eraser in Vectornator 4.4.1 on iPad 6. gen iPadOS 15.1 doesn’t seem to work. Erasing a line only seem to redirect the line to go around the outline of the eraser size.

Hey @IBDJ welcome to the community :wave:t4:

We recommend to use the Scissor Tool to edit open paths, and the Eraser to cut closed shapes.

We are working on improving the Eraser functionality thou :wink:

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Hi @Anna Thanks for getting back to me. I tested that, and I see what you mean. But I was hoping that the eraser would work, so that I wouldn’t have to use the scissor twice to make a section and the delete that. But I could make a feature request for the eraser to be optimised for lines as well as polygons :blush:

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