The problem with drawing on layers

Hello everyone I downloaded Victorenator to my new iPad Pro 2021 and can’t draw in the usual mode because of a problem:

When I draw (the color layer) on the bottom layer it is displayed above the top layer (the contour layer). Everything becomes as it should be only when I stop drawing the line and take my finger (or apple pencil) away from the screen. This is incredibly annoying and prevents me from drawing – I want to see what the drawing looks like in the process of drawing, and not just when I stopped drawing the line.

Also, I am extremely annoyed by the eraser. For example, when coloring, I went a little further than the contour and I want to wipe the line a little, but the Eraser does not erase what you wrote in the place where you draw the Eraser, it erases only the curve, which I absolutely do not need.

Previously, I worked in Adobe Ideas and Adobe Illustrator and there were no similar problems there. I really wanted to switch to Vectornator, but because of these problems, I simply can’t draw contour illustrations and color them.

Are there any solutions to these problems?

I can’t help you with the first part (although it only applies to the Pencil and Brush tools, not the Pen tool).

If you select the fill object first, eraser works only on the selected object.
Alternatively, you can lock your outline object(s).

If you do not select an object first, everything the eraser passes over gets affected (unless it is locked or hidden).

Hi! Thank you for reply!
I attached a video to make it clear what I’m talking about:

  1. When drawing with any tool, everything I draw on the lower layer is displayed on top anyway (it changes only after the end of the action). This prevents you from coloring and does not make it clear how correct the current action is.

  2. The eraser simply does not work, it does not erase the drawn object, but only its “skeleton line”.

Hi Andrew,

For the first problem, I totally agree with you that the brush stroke should be displayed at the selected layer, not on top of all layers. This should be considered a bug.

For the second one, I know that the eraser tool in Vectornator is quite confusing and hard to use, so rather than sketching and vectorizing in Vectornator, I sketch in Adobe Fresco, it is a free app. After that, I use Auto Trace to vectorize it, it’s an easier process for me.

Hope this help you!