Path Outline tool not working?

Hi, I’m struggling with the path outline tool acting strangely with a custom stroke object. As shown in the screenshots, when I use the outline tool it dramatically changes the shape of my logo.
Worth noting this happens when I select all three shapes together and outline as well as when I outline each shape separately.
Any help is much appreciated.

Hey there @Steve,

Would you mind forwarding this file so I can take a look? Feel free to post here in the thread or DM to me :slight_smile:

Also, could you please confirm your OS and Vectornator version?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Hi Helen,
I’m using Vectornate version 4.10.6 and iOS 16.1 although the error was also happening on the latest version of iOS 15 too.
Unfortunately I can’t seem to upload any vectornator files, this error is happening with all my projects.

Hi @Steve,

Thank you for sending the file!

We checked it out and it appears that the stroke was set to inner hence the unexpected behaviour when outlining.

To fix this: switch the stroke to regular → change the stroke position to centre → switch back to brush → make necessary adjustments → outline. Here’s a quick demo:

Hope this helps,

Thanks Helen,
That’s working now, you’ve been really helpful!