Erasing pencil lines makes the remaining paths closed

After the layers update, I can’t erase pencil objects without making the remaining paths closed. This totally destroys at least my workflow and makes the eraser mostly useless for anything other than fills? Also after every erasing, I get ugly rectangles on top of the new objects.


Please give the option to

  1. Not close paths after erasing
  2. Disable all rectangles for layers


Hi there @pixu,

This is certainly not the expected behaviour of the Pencil Tool and we’ll be sure to look into this issue.

As I cannot reproduce this problem from my side, it would be extremely helpful if you could provide your device information (including OS and Vectornator version) as well as a screen recording of the incident with touches switched on.

If you would rather share this information privately, you can reach us directly at


Hi! Okay thanks!

2021 iPad Pro 12,9" M1 with latest iOS (15.4.1) and latest Vectornator (4.8.1). Haven’t used Vectornator a while and got the Layers update popup when starting.

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Thank you! Once I have any updates on this matter I’ll be sure to get in touch :slight_smile:

Hi @pixu,

The issue outlined was recently resolved in a previous version of Vectornator - if you haven’t yet, please update and check it out!