Eraser function

I learnt the eraser function through YouTube. But I found that I cannot divide an object to two pieces while applied the eraser function as shown from YouTube video. The object is still one piece. Could you teach how to apply same eraser function for dividing an object into pieces in this vectonator version pls?

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You can Separate the path by going to Paths option.


I am also having that issue. I have watched the tutorials and read the guide, but it still has a blue bounding box around the whole thing. I would be interested if someone else knows the answer to this…

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While i am not sure why eraser function changed (bugged?) but you can separate shapes from paths panel in inspector menu.

Hi @Wawa, thank you for reporting this. We recently did refactoring in regards to nodes and as a result, we can confirm that the existing tutorial does not reflect the current version and therefore we will be updating it as needed.

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