How Eraser work ?

I am not understanding how the eraser works. It should be simple but when I use it , the result is that it deletes but also it strokes around the contour of the erase gesture I do to delete.

If I draw a circle and I want to delete a part of the circle…what should I do ?
I’m using last version on big sur macos. I watched the video but the tool does not work that way…

Hey there @Cpu8088, welcome to the Community Forum!

Here’s a quick demonstration of 3 different ways you can delete part of a circle using the Scissors, Eraser, and Shape Builder tools:

If these methods aren’t working for you as they should, just let me know and I can look into it!


Hello team, on the same topic I ask for help.
It is about deleting a part of the letter C.
Unfortunately, I can’t simply draw a straight line with the eraser (there is an extra button in Photoshop for this).
How can I please delete the parts of the letter C marked with an arrow?
Thank you very much.
Cheers, Frank

I tried to do a timelapse to show but if froze like it always does so :man_shrugging:

Anyway, I would make sure the large letter is a path (not text), then place a rectangle over the parts you want to remove, and then use a boolean operation or even better, the shape builder, to remove the parts you don’t want.