Cut a word out of a shape

I am trying to cut a word-shaped hole out of a shape. For simplicity’s sake, let’s say I wanted to have a heart shape with “be mine” cut out of it, rather than just have that text be another color layered on. I’ve tried using the Boolean tools, but this completely didn’t work for text for some reason (I could cut a different heart shape out of the first heart, but when I try the exact same action with text it doesn’t work). Is this possible?

For Shape Builder and Boolean options to work on lines and texts, you need to turn them into outlines first. Having your text selected, click or tap on the Create Outlines from Text option in the style menu, and you’ll be fine.

I gave that a try. Still doesn’t work. When I select both the shape and the word and use “exclude”, the shape disappears as well as the word.

I tried exclude, and you’re right! Everything just disappeared, but in my case, it was because it changed the fill color to white. By changing it back, everything was fine. To recommend another option, I suggest you kindly try subtract. I believe it is the better option for this job. In case none of these helped you, I can provide better assistance if you can share a screen recording of your process.

You are the BEST! Using subtract worked fine, as did changing the fill color. Thanks so much!

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