How to make text fit a custom shape?

Hi :slight_smile: I’m trying to include text that fits a custom shape. For example, if I wanted my text to be in the shape of an apple, or another image. However I can’t figure out how to do this. Does anybody know? I’m completely new to this software so sorry if this is a very obvious question :slight_smile:

Hi there @holl08,

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We do not currently have a dedicated tool to warp text into shapes as you describe (although it would be possible with manual editing of nodes), but it is possible to place text on a path as shown in this brief demo:

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thanks for your reply!
Is it possible to put the text inside that shape? So that it fills the shape rather than becomes the outline? For example if I had a lot of text about the apple, could the text be in the shape of the empty space inside the apple?
I’ve basically got an abstract shape that I’m trying to fit text into so that it fills up that shape.
Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @holl08,

As mentioned we unfortunately do not currently offer a text warping option, however, nodes can be individually manipulated/added/subtracted in order to fit any shape like so: