Expand stroke on text

Does anyone know if this app will allow you to expand a stroke on text that has been converted to outlines just like Adobe Illustrator?

Hey @Karie, I’d love to help you with your question. To provide you with a precise suggestion, could you please provide more details or reference what you’re trying to achieve? This will help me understand your idea better and offer the most accurate guidance.

Combining or merging a stroke or outline to a solid color object. I have done this is Adobe Illustrator by selecting a solid colored object that has a same color stroke around it, going to the objects panel and selecting EXPAND. That than turns the stroke on that object into a shape and merges it with the solid colored object.

I figured out how to convert a stroke into a shape and merge it to an object. Below you will find png file with step by step instructions on how I was able to accomplish this. Hope this is helpful to anyone who maybe having the same questions I did.


Hey @Karie , thanks a lot for posting your step-by-step guide. Your help is super appreciated, and it’s awesome to see community members like you making things easier for everyone🌟

Feel free to ask if you need anything!