Create an Artboard (or new file) from selection/clipboard

I am missing an easy way to create a new artboard from selection (or what I copied on my clipboard).

Would be great if there would be File > New from clipboard could be applied to the File menu as well OR if the File > New window would also offer an option to have a canvas size to whatever the image is that I placed on my clipboard.

Currently, I have to create the artboard by clicking the + Insert option, then draw a blank artboard, the click on the artboard and alter its dimensions for my specific needs, then paste what is on my clipboard … it’s a cumbersome process.

Hey there @LonderJan thank you for getting in touch!

At the moment this is not on our roadmap but regardless, I have passed this onto the team and we already have it on our backlog in terms of feature requests, so watch this space. :wink:

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Hey, I just realized if you swipe left on the layer of the art board that you want to duplicate, then that as possible. Let me know if that works for you.

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Your suggestion allows me to duplicate a layer within the same artboard. That is not what I described.

Imagine my artboard is 1000x1000 and I have a text object on it that measures 23,37x764,46.

I want an easy way to create a separate art board measuring 23,37x764,46 that holds that text object. How do I do that without creating a new artboard and having to enter those dimensions manually?

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Ah I think I misunderstood your question. You’re right, there is no way to have an artboard created over the image you’ve placed, imported or selected like in Adobe illustrator for example.

I guess it’s a feature they need to add. :man_shrugging:t2:

This is what I want to do: select an object in Artboard 1 and create a new artboard from that object (Artboard 2). Currently takes me minutes to do so …

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Yeah I hear ya bud, I don’t think they have a way for that yet unfortunately. You’re going to have to manually type in the art board number or duplicate the existing artboard then place the new image in it, and then by clicking the name of the artboard (top left of the artboard itself) then you can resize accordingly by adjusting the points.

Maybe that can save you a few minutes!

I’d stick with Adobe illustrator myself but their iPad app sucks!

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Thanks a lot for chipping in @Abz and we’ll definitely try to prioritise this in the near future indeed, @LonderJan Thank you for your understanding!

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