Copy/Paste layer between documents (Ipad)

Hi All
I made a logo I want to use on separate documents but I could not figure out how to copy the logo layer then bring in a new document and paste the logo layer into the new document. I could flatten the logo into a png file and put it into my photos but I’d rather keep it as a vector. I tried to export an svg to photos but it didn’t seem to work. Any help much appreciated!

Hi there @zakcat,

Perhaps the Template feature would be a good solution for you? This allows you to select various elements of a document and save them as a template for quick access and reuse in the future. Here’s a quick demo showcasing how to save a template then how to apply it to a new document:


Hi Helen
apologies for my late response. Life got very complicated recently! I was able to make a template and copy the template into a new layer on an existing document. Thank you for the tip!

I wanted to do something similar. I was able a layer from one document to another by using Copy and Paste. However, I found that the layer so copied was not visible in the canvas. I could see the layer objects in the navigator on the right hand side. However, they were not visible on the canvas. @Helen would you have any clue why that would be ? Thanks !