Template copied to document is way too large

I made a custom template of an image I created from a document to layer into a second document. The second document I am trying to layer it into is supposed to be a background for the image. I try copying that onto a new layer of the second document and it is super large.

The image in the new layer of the second document from the template is way outside the artboard parameters and will not reduce in size to anywhere near a size to fit within the artboard.

Both were ceated as an A4 size. I went back and greatly reduced the size of the original image and made new templates a couple of times. It still makes almost no difference copying the new templates and they are still well outside the size of the background artboard. They still do not shrink anywhere near enough to fit.

Hi @PaulyCC thank you for taking us through your problem and sharing it here.

In order for us to take a better look, do you mind sharing a sample file or a screen recording so we can try to reproduce?

Many thanks!