How to export just selected without extra canvas ?

I would like to export a layer or a selection but when I do there is a bunch of extra canvas around; I don’t understand how to just export what is selected and could not find anything related to croping or export slice like in affinity designer.

Thank you

Hi @HoMyVector if you want export only specific layer you must hide the layers which you don’t want in the exported file like in the short videoclip.


Hey @HoMyVector,

You can also export a single layer. Check out this page for more details: Export | Vectornator Learn

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Cool I didn’t know before this feature

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thank you !


Hi @HoMyVector!

There is another possible work-around, at least for image output (as opposed to SVG output), taking advantage of
[use dramatic portentous voice, with some reverb and echo, followed by some dramatic orchestral stings]
the Power of the Clipboard! [dun-dun-daah!]


  1. Select the object you want to export (I tend to group objects, that will be exported as a single image, into a single object. It’s not slicing, but it is convenient)
  2. Copy to the clipboard (I used the right-click context menu).


<-- iPad users, click the arrow

Copy to the clipboard using the Copy icon on the Actions bar


  1. Change to a raster-based app (I used Affinity Photo.).
iPad alternative

I used Procreate.

  1. Paste it in or , preferably, create a new image from the clipboard, if the app allows you (that’s what I used in Affinity Photo). Transparency is preserved (background transparency and partial transparency of objects), and you only get the copied object, not the full layer.


iPad/Procreate equivalent


The new image will appear in the Gallery.

Transparency is preserved.


  1. Save it from the raster app as an image.

Alternatively, export as SVG, open the SVG in Affinity Designer (as vector), and you can select objects or groups and create slices from them.

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I am trying to export something on a mac, and even when I select just a few layers the size of the canvas remains A4. How can I make the size of the canvas fit the layers I am choosing?

I found a solution! somehow I could select the canvas and change its size according to what I want. After that exporting gives the desired result!

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