Selecting layers

Is there a way to quickly select say 5 layers plus ?
Maybe put finger on one layer drag over the others.

Hi there @Rob,

If you have a keyboard connected to your iPad, it is possible to:

  • Select multiple, non-sequential Layers by holding ⌘ + Shift while tapping on each Layer.
  • Select multiple, sequential layers by holding Shift while tapping on the first Layer and the last Layer i.e. if you tap on Layer 1 and Layer 4, Layers 1-4 will be selected.

Alternatively, if you do not have a keyboard, the only option to select multiple Layers is to swipe each Layer from left to right in order to highlight it.

Hope this helps,

Thank you for the reply Helen.
Yes have a keyboard, but would prefer another solution.
As mainly I draw on my lap, get up move about.
Where may I put the idea forwards.

  1. Layers Swipe say right drag and tap the layers of choice.
  2. With colour pallets on left, rather than tap to hide.
    Just swipe left to remove.

Ps thank you for quick response.
Regards Rob