Duplicating layers (MAC)

I am trying to duplicate a layer and have tried following the help instructions for the mac version and nothing appears to work

Hi there @Speacock110,

Would you mind sharing a screen recording of the what happens on your side while trying to duplicate layers? Here are the most common ways to duplicate a layer:

  • Select the layer in question and tap ⌘C → create a new layer and select it → tap ⌘V
  • Hover the cursor over the layer in question and use two fingers to swipe from right to left on the touch pad → select duplicate

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Attached are screenshots showing you help instructions, a before and after cmdC and cmdV copy paste showing how object are copied into the same layer, and Screenshots of right click on a layer showing no copy/paste options. A video showing two-finger drag (the help page does not mention two fingers) I was unable to select a duplicate. The option drag in the instructions did nothing with the layer

Hi there,

Thanks for bringing these discrepancies to our attention - I’ve informed the Education Team who will update the Learning Hub article as soon as possible!

In order for the ⌘C + ⌘V method to work, you’ll have to create an empty layer, select it then paste your copied content within it and it should work!

Also regarding the swipe method, as you can see, this gesture is slightly sensitive so it’s important not to drag all the way to left otherwise the layer may be accidentally deleted. If you gently and partially swipe to the left you’ll see the options to ‘Export’, ‘Duplicate’ or ‘Delete’ the selected layer.


So ⌘C + ⌘V copies the contents, not the layer, and doing it on the layer just automatically selects all of the layer contents.

No matter how gentle or slow I have been I am unable to display the Export, Duplicate or Delete button options. It so easily jumps to delete and deletes the layer. I have just spent 20min using different parts of the touchpad and different fingers, always the same. As soon as a little section of the duplicate button you have a small movement to immediately go to a full-width delete button and a deletion of the layer.

As my fingers started getting tired I finally got it to work but only by following these steps.
Partial swipe with two fingers then as soon as the delete button starts to appear lift one finger.

Somehow the two-finger swipe is not fully actioning until the two-finger gesture loses focus. It has to lift one finger, lifting both and the buttons disappear

I had another try and finally got it to work with two fingers, however, it is sensitive to the cursor’s position prior to the swipe and how much of the Duplicate button is exposed before you lift the two fingers of the pad. Too little and the button disappear back and too much and you only get Delete.

The amount is about a third of the duplicate button to get all three and two-thirds of the Duplicate button to get a full delete button and a delete action as soon as you take the fingers off the touchpad.

This is far too sensitive. as an aside you can also delete a locked layer by an accidental full two-finger swipe

Hi there @Speacock110,

The ⌘C + ⌘V method copying the entire content of a layer is working as intended. However, if you have an alternative suggestion as to how you’d like to see the duplicate functionality work, then I encourage you to post your idea here in the Ideas & Feedback forum where the community can vote on the suggestion.

Regarding the sensitivity of the swiping method, I assure you that your feedback has been noted and will be forwarded to the relevant team for consideration and testing :slight_smile: