Color fill doesn't work how expected.

As it can be seen in the picture provided I combined my drawn lines to fille them with a color. However it doesn’t really fill the inside of the lines. Is there a trick to do this in another way or is this simply a bug? PS.: I just startet to use this app, so I’m really a newby :slight_smile:

Well, I know now that this weird filling comes from the color of the space I can set when drawing a shape. It then just covers the beginning and end of a shape with the set color. So it’s no bug. Then my question ist: how can I just draw a shape, like the mouth of this duck here and give this whole thing a color fill?

hello @Ascent! I will try to help you, it looks like the shape that you’re trying to fill is not closed. You might try to use Join Paths options in Path section. What else you can do is to draw another shape behind the black stroke and fill it with orange color and turn off the fill for your black strokes. Hope it will help.