When I try to make a shadow around my object, it moves some lines in my object to another part of the screen?!

I created this pencil that is made out of a bunch of different elements.

I want the pencil to have a shadow around it. So I selected all the objects that make up the pencil and grouped them into one shape.

I then applied the shadow feature to the shape. The only problem, is that the 4 lines I used to create shading on my pencil somehow get removed from the shape when I apply the shadow!

What is going on here? How do I fix this?

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Hi @Moosh the problem is that you select the entire figure but that is made up from many shapes. You should select only the border of pencil if it is possible otherwise you can draw a new shape similar a pencil and then you can use it like a shadow.


You can also try to select all the shapes of the pencils and make a group then you can apply the shadow on the group.

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That is what I did in the third picture and it glitches : (

Ok maybe it is a bug :beetle: