I want to draw a line across a shape and color each side differently.

I created a rounded rectangle with an outline. Then I drew a line vertically through it. I want to fill the space on the left side of the line one color, and the right side another color.

I tried using the scissor tool to cut the rectangle. But now the rectangle’s stroke is cut. I’d prefer if its stroke continued to be a single unit. I’d also like for the line to snap to it and move with it.

Is it not a common thing, to draw shapes and lines and then fill in the areas between them with different colors?

Hi @squirbo and welcome to Vectornator Forum.
I’m sorry but you can’t do this in an official way but I came up with a little trick that’s right for you.

Works for me with the rectangle and the scissor, but first I cut the rectangle because the line was in front and you need first to block the line layer to use the scissor tool, because maybe you are cuting the line not the rectangle