Clipping Masks issues with Layers/Groups and everything getting masked

Loving Curve so far, however I have noticed something with masks that is bothering me and have a question.

It’s not possible to have elements “above” a clipping mask and its elements in the Layers panel, without themselves being clipped. There seems to be no way to break out of the mask within the same layer or group.

Example: I have had to split this banana graphic in to two layers (see below)….

…. as if I drag the Tip and Stalk elements into Banana1 above the mask, they are automatically clipped too (see below).

This just means I can’t keep things as easily organised within layers, and the same thing happens if I group all the elements together, everything gets clipped, so it’s hard to select and move everything around as one if I can’t group it somehow. It feels different to what I’m used to with Photoshop or Procreate.

Is there any way around this or any way to break out of the mask? I know to an extent I could build up the graphics in a different way (like in the above example, I could unite the stalk shapes with the banana mask so they become part of the silhouette), but in certain situations that won’t be possible.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

App version: 5.0.0
Device model: iPhone (iPhone12,1)
Operating system: 16.6

Hello soulvacation,

Welcome to the Linearity community! We’re thrilled to have you here and excited to hear that you’ve been enjoying Curve. Your insights are incredibly valuable to us!

I understand the problem you are facing with masks. In Curve, masks exhibit two distinct behaviors, and it seems you’re experiencing one of them.

  1. Grouped Masking: When you either create a group or select the elements to be masked, the mask will be confined within that group. This approach allows for more control over what gets masked and keeps things neatly organized within that specific group.
  2. Root-Level Masking: The second behavior, which you seem to be facing, is when the mask is placed directly at the root of the layer. In this scenario, the mask will affect everything that is above it, which reflects the scenario you described.

To achieve what you want with masks, I recommend either creating a group for the mask or selecting the specific elements you want to mask and then applying the mask. By doing so, your mask will be inside a group and that will give you the flexibility to organize and move your elements with ease.

I hope this tip helps you! Please feel free to let me know if it works for you or if you have any further questions.

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