Layer opacity bar feature and layers in general

Hey, i am following some tutorial of yours but I don’t have “Layer Opacity” bar on bottom of the layers. Here’s a screenshot from your video:

I simply don’t have this. I have to click on % on any layer and type numbers…

Also I am not sure how could I add layers in folder so they all are still layers, not curves in layer. Here’s a screenshot - i added 3 layers to “Wszystko” and it modified layers to curves:

Opacity is now buried in the Style panel under Appearance. Many of the screenshots and tutorials are using an outdated version of Vectornator.

Hi there @ayechief,

As @adion correctly pointed out, Opacity can now be adjusted via the Style Tab in addition to your method of editing the % indicated next to the Layer’s title. Alternatively, an individual item can be selected and Opacity changed via the Quick Actions Toolbar.

Regarding the Layer query, it is not possible to sort and organise Layers into folders. Paths made with the Pen Tool, Pencil or Brush will automatically be labelled as ‘Curve’, however, this title can be changed the same way that you adjust Layer names. Although the shapes and paths within Layers can be edited via Grouping etc. Layers themselves cannot be organised in this way. You can, however, create many individual Layers, each containing a single item if you wish. I recommend checking out our Learning Hub article on the topic if you’d like to learn more!


Hey, that is not correct - Opacity in Style tab is linked strictly to any of the brush tools but not to layers

Hi there @ayechief,

If the full layer is selected from the Layers Tab (i.e. the title layer and not an individual element within it), the Opacity slider in the Style Tab should still work as expected for the full contents of that layer. We’re currently aware of an issue whereby this new opacity figure is not updated within the Layers Tab but working on a fix!