Layer menu ideas for improovment

I wish I could make folders in the layer menu, because when I use a lot of layers in a big project it would be easier to see the layers if i could group them or move them into folders.
Also it would be nice to color them. I wish I could colorize them to make them more recognizable.

If you have 4.8 or later, the layers panel got much better, and make it easy to do what you’re suggesting.

A bit of “paint think” there, I think.
In paint programs, “folders” work because each layer is like painting on glass - the paint becomes part of the layer.


In vector programs, objects remain independent of the layer. What you are probably referring to as “layers” are actually “objects”, like the felt shapes you stick on a backboard is those felt scenery activities for children.

Layers already act like folders, and so do groups.


You can use either “real” layers, or groups, or a mix of both.

Layers have an opacity percentage, groups look similar to objects but have an extra expand / contract arrow /chevron.

If you select several objects, you can make them part of the same group either using the Quick Actions bar or the Arrange section of the Inspector.



Thank you this is very helpful!