Boolean Operation Inside a Group


There are certain limitations of Groups vs Layers that I have been encountering. One of which is the effect of boolean operations.

If I apply a boolean operation between the 2 objects, both disappear and there is nothing left behind. If I were to move them out of the group, it works as expected.

Is this an expected behavior?


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Hello st11x, thank you for reporting. It was an unknown bug, I reported it to our team.

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At the moment, please use Selection Tool to select objects and not layers.

You probably meant this for a different thread? Thanks.

I also have the same problem.

You can do a bolean operation like “subtract” with two objects if they are outside the group.

If you do de exact same operation but this time the objects are inside a Group, the resulting curve disappears, no object created in the Inspector/Layer panel. Yet briefly you can see the selection outline of the resulting path which disappears as soon as you click on something.

I have this issue as well – booleans on objects in a group make the source objects (and the result) vanish, although the theoretical result remains selected. Would love to have this one fixed.