Make Boolean Operation Permanent


I’m new to vector art and was trying to fill an enclosed area with a reference layer set, something like you can do in Procreate.

I realized that this is not possible, so the next thing I tried was to create a shape and duplicating that “reference” layer to intersect with. This gave me the effect but I noticed that the new object created by the boolean can still be separated. The more operations I performed, the more there is in the separated group and it is made up up very small shapes.

As I adjust the reference layer, I have to keep repeating this operation and I am curious if this can cause performance degradations. I am not interested in those smaller shapes, and would rather if I could make the boolean operation (or layer merge) permanent.


Hi there @st11x,

Perhaps the Shape Builder Tool would be of use to you in this case?

If not, please feel free to DM your file to me and I’d be happy to take a look!


Thanks Helen. That’s what I was looking for. This is a great tool!