Remove sections of image to alpha

Hi, I am guessing this is fairly straightforward but I’m not managing to do it after experimenting. Thanks for you help.

How do I overlay stripes on this image that will remove the yellow down to alpha?

I tried putting a rectangle on top, making it’s color alpha, and changing blend mode to to some different things. I didn’t think this would be quite the trick, but it was a start. I made the second logo in GIMP, but can’t remember how I did the same thing.

Hello bmcminn, you need to use boolean operations. Here is a video how it works:

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Thank you for the great video. I will go through the tutorial this weekend but need to get my logo done ASAP. (btw, I looked at 5 apps and this had the best interface balance between too simple and too complex!)

I am trying to accomplish this over a blurred oval and the blurring adjusts for after the boolean operation. How do I make the boolean take precedent? I’m assuming it would be the same if I wanted to make the oval a couple of layers.


Works great with solid edges.

But how to do it with blur?

In this case you need to create mask that have fill, but cut rectangles inside of it and only after apply to blurred object. I attached result in Vectornator format.

blur and mask.vectornator (46.0 KB)