The background removal tool didn't remove small sections of my image. it created a white background.

How do you remove the background of small sections of your image? there are small sections of my image that has a white background after I used the background removal tool. I would like to have a transparent background, but the background removal tool didn’t remove the small detail of the background. Any suggestions Please?

Hey there @tricey, welcome to the Community Forum!

As we are continuously training and developing our models, we’d really appreciate if you could forward your original image to us so that we can improve our current Background Removal tool. Feel free to send this to me via DM or

Regarding the remaining sections, I recommend checking out the answer provided in this thread as to how to use Masking to remove targeted parts of your image. It is not possible to enable transparency in an active artboard, however, while exporting to PNG or SVG you will be offered the option to ‘Include Background’ which, if unchecked, will result in a transparent background.