Alpha 100% is still transparent

I’m making a drawing with two shapes. The light brown shape is on top and the dark brown shape is in the back. However even though I set the fill color to 100% alpha I can still see the outline of the underlying shape through it. Even when exporting the image to a png. Is this a bug or how can I make sure that the underlying shape is not visible through the top fill color?

Forgot to add: this is on iPadPro iOS 16.3.1

It’s unclear from your screenshot but is there perhaps a blending mode/opacity applied to the layer group or the shape within it (whatever one’s not highlighted here)?

Thanks a lot. The hing with the opacity did the trick. I had the opacity set to 95% but didn’t rememberd I did that, probably by mistake when searching for some other functionality. Thanks a lot.
In case this ever happens to someone else: Opacity can be set under the Appearance tab.

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