Can’t type in Chinese and the app crashed when typing in Chinese

Hey, I’ve updated to the latest version5.2.1 and unfortunately when I typing in Chinese by Chinese Pinyin, it only showed the English alphabet and the Chinese characters not showing. When I use handwriting, the app crashes.
Can you fix it?

And it happened on the iPad and the MacBook Pro with the latest version, crying

Hi @Funghi I’m very sorry to hear you are experiencing this. We have indeed identified the problem and the team is already working on getting this fixed as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your patience!


Linearity has swift customer response :pray:t3::purple_heart::writing_hand:t4:


Hey again @Funghi, I’m pleased to let you know that we have just released 5.2.2 which introduces a fix to this problem.

It might take a few hours until the MacOS update goes live but rest assured, it’s on its way!

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Thank you very much, just updated to the 5.2.2, and the Chinese text worked just fine. :wink:

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