Broken Nodes create artefacts

I have noticed working on iPad that some nodes that I create in default mode (just clicking without adding the tangents) seem broken. This can be seen when Vectornator draws usually one of the line connected to this node with an artefact.

My work around was to zoom in really closely, check the nodes and for those broken, select the node and set the tangents to the straight mode. As the tangents were already in this mode this fixes the node and there are not changes affecting the work.

However, recently I noticed that this bug also occurs to nodes that have at least one tangent not straight and logically this complicates the work around as turning the node in straights tangent will ruin the path connected to this node. The work around is creating a second node very closely to stop the tangent and again turn the node into straight tangents.

I have capture a series of screens showing the nodes, types of nodes, tangents and the error.

We’re you aware of this bug?