Auto trace is filling in line work with fill turned off, how to fix?

I’m importing a png single color graphic. When I use auto trace, it is thickening and filling in some of the line work. How should I have the settings to properly just trace the image?..fill & stroke are turned off, and I’ve tried it with them turned on too. I really thought this would ease my vector workflow, but I’ve spent 2 days looking for real tutorials on JUST this topic and I am very disappointed.
I know this is user error probably, I truly want to use this software for quick edits and hopefully more.
Any info is greatly appreciated, thx.

Hi @Rgbugger and welcome to Vectornator Forum,
can you share an example of your problem please?
Thank you in advanced.

How do I share pics lorenzo?

Sorry, I was on my phone, replied incorrectly. Can I attach pics here?

Yes you can click on upload button. You can find it at bottom right so you can share with use the picture.

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before autotrace

after autotrace
sorry about the ipad reflection;)

The Auto Trace tool is powerful but it has some limitations. You can set the Max Number of Path and Min Path Size. If this doesn’t work for you I suggest you to modify the single nodes of the traced shape.

my max paths are 1000, IDK, guess I’m going to have to redraw my vector and not use autotrace.
Thanks for your advice though. I was hoping to simplify into one object, but this doesn’t seem to be a work around.

I’m sorry.