Autotrace help needed please

Hey Everybody.
I’m pretty new to vector work and to Vectornator. I’ve been playing with auto trace to create simple vectors that I can use for cutting vinyl.
So far I’ve been getting along ok, but for some reason this trace doesn’t seem to want to let me edit. Other traces I’ve done have been fine. I captured a screen recording so that hopefully somebody can tell me what I’m doing wrong.
This link is to my video as the file was too large to load directly.
Any help is much appreciated.

I would suggest that before you tackle something that complicated, you start off with a simple graphic and practice until you know the trace function well. It will save you a lot of frustration!

Thanks. I understand the advice and will be playing with other simpler projects as well. It’s only really the issue of not being able to select the nodes that is the problem so far.

I would agree, question have you been able to achieve these results “you know the trace function well” regards

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I can do what I need to do (and in other software, I do sometimes mess with nodes) but in Vectornator, that isn’t something I need to do. Perhaps you have more than one path selected? Some apps only let you work on one shape at a time. If it is a general ‘I don’t know how to adjust nodes’ matter, a quick look at the guides should help. A long press on the node tool will bring up some general help for you.

I hear you. Yes, I’m able to edit and manipulate nodes with regular pieces. I think the complexity of this one is a little much for my iPad as it runs super slow with this open. I did another trace of a different subject that was also very complex and found a similar thing. I’ll keep playing and I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Thanks for the replies though.

Hi Rob,
Yes, I have been able to trace and edit other work without any problem. I wouldn’t say I know the software well, but I have some of the basics down.

Maybe split the design into sections so there is not so much processing power needed in one go?

I am actually having the same issue with much less complicated pieces. Did you ever find a solution?

I haven’t found a proper solution yet. Through playing around I had found that selecting another shape after deleting one seems to suddenly kick things into action. But it’s not really a workable solution.

Hey there @thekristensam,

Would you mind confirming your OS and Vectornator version?


Sure! Vectornator updated this morning. It’s showing 4.10.1
Ipad is 15.6.1 2nd gen pro

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Thank you! I’ve logged this ticket with our QA team and will let you know if any additional information is required or if I have any updates to share :slight_smile: