Auto trace no longer automatically creates each discrete vector

I had been used to uploading my doodles and using the auto trace. This would automatically create a vector for each discrete line. With this new update it appears this is no longer the case, and in order to create a discrete vector for each line, I have to select all and separate, but then this creates problems with certain factors being filled in black and it is overall making it harder to work. Is there a setting I can choose where it will automatically, with auto trace, create a vector for each discrete pen stroke as it was before?

Hi there @whitewhaleandcat, welcome to the Community Forum!

Would you mind uploading a screen recording demonstrating this issue?

You can post it here in the thread or forward it to


Vectornator screen recording for troubleshooting - YouTube This is a link to a screen recording I made explaining the problem and showing what’s going on

I am having this exact issue. Did you ever get an asnwer?