Vectornator 4.6 is Here! 🤩

Hey Vectornators! This one is special. :rocket:

Our 4.6 update was released today and we’ve added an entirely new Auto Trace mode! From now on, you will be able to choose between “Photography mode” and “Sketch mode”. The new Sketch mode uses a custom algorithm to turn sketches into black and white vector paths, and Photography mode transforms raster images into Vector shapes.

The update also includes a huge improvement to the Join Paths feature. Now, it will be possible to join multiple paths together at the same time. Click here to learn more on our Learning Hub.

To learn more, you should definitely read our latest blog post about the exciting update.
To explore all new updates of Auto Trace for iPad and for Mac visit our Learning Hub.


I just tested new version. The new Auto Trace is really cool :laughing:


:star_struck: wow


Hi Vectornators! :orange_heart:

Have you already seen our updated Auto Trace Website?
Click here to explore the website and watch a great demo video by @ralph our Design Director explaining all the exciting new features of Auto Trace!

See you soon!