How could I trace maintaining the colors of my design

Hello everyone,

Im Autotracing a plain design i import from my iPad. The image is green and would like to maintain the color. Instead of that, the auto trace feature turns it into black.

Does someone know how to keep the original color when auto tracing? Or maybe auto tracing does always operates like this?

Excuse me if the question is too basic… im not an experienced designer :))

Thank you for your help in advanced!


Hi @Nerea and welcome to Vectornator Forum.
The Auto Trace has two modes: the sketch mode and the photography mode.
Sketch mode works in black and white It converts raster file in something like a sketch so the final result is much minimal.
Photography mode works in rgb and it captures more details of the original file.
I suggest you to take a look at Vectornator Learning Hub.

I think you could use the color picker to sample your green and fill a little sample shape on your art board for reference then with that color selected you select your auto trace and tap on the green color in the pallet and the color should transfer. I’m using that method now with pantone color squares on a separate layer I can easily color pick from and transfer to my shapes while I’m working.