Actions bar won’t open

I closed a project I was working on and when I opened it to resume work I found the actions bar won’t open. It also won’t let me select an image.

Hi Lori,

May I ask you to check if the issue reproduces in the latest version 4.7.0 that we recently released? If so, can I ask you to provide us with a video so we can better understand the problem?
Thanks in advance.


Hi Oksana. Thank you for responding. I am working with an old version on iPad mini 2, 12.5.5. I tried to add an art board to my project and was interrupted. When I put my pad down I must have touched something that froze the project. When I tapped the selection tool nothing happened and when I tapped the box in action bar it would giggle. I finally gave deleted the file and started over. Everything is working again. One day I will upgrade equipment and download a newer version. I recommend Vectornator to all of my artist friends.

I am very sorry that you had to start your project all over again. If the problem occurs again, please let us know. We will do our best to help you.

Thanks for being with us.

Warmest regards,