Why is export timelapse grayed out?

I want to try out the export timelapse feature, but it is grayed out. All the other options such as exporting jpg, png, svg, etc. are available, except for timelapse. What step am I missing?

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Note: only tested on iPad:

If you close out to the Gallery, you will lose your Timelapse and undo history. Timelapse only applies to something that can be recorded as a single session.

You can change to other apps and back, put your iPad in sleep mode, etc, but you can’t exit the current artwork in Vectornator.

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Thanks! I’ll test it out without exiting to gallery.

You can change on preferences panel the behaviors to keep the record and history no matter if you close or open the session.

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Thank you, @Javiersc!

Your welcome, the menu look like eastern eggs, we need time to click all over the screen and find some surprises

Thank you! That works!