When exporting the SVG, the names of the layers are lost. CURVE on IPad

I create the figures and scenes in Curve that I animate with Cartoon Animator. Unfortunately, I first have to load them into Illustrator and from there into the programme. (Illustrator probably does SVGs differently.)

So far I have to rename all the layers. A lot of effort.

The iOS version of Curve includes full AI export; you may wish to use that instead.

If you have the “Keep Curve attributes” option enabled, the SVG will include additional metadata under the vectornator namespace. Layer names are stored as the vectornator:layerName attribute on the <g> elements for each group.

I’m haven’t needed to use the Illustrator SVG import for a while, but I think it uses the id attribute to name layers which, as far as I can tell, Curve still supports (this is added regardless of the “Keep Curve Attributes” option). Are you able attach a problematic SVG file here?